Statement from Eric Melillo

The Conservative Health and Social Program Guarantee


When it comes to health and social programs, everyone has a story - a broken bone, an illness, the birth of a child, or a regular checkup.

As the son of a nurse, and brother of an ECE and readying MRT, I recognize the tremendous work done by our frontline staff. The staff who are with us every step of the way.

Throughout our lives, we interact with our health and social programs in new and different ways. 

Our perspective changes. 

We no longer just worry about the government’s funding of ourprograms. We worry about ensuring staff have the tools they need to provide accessible, quality services. 

We worry about wait times, referrals, overnight stays, information, and access to good, compassionate care. 

Canada’s Conservatives know the importance of stable and predictable funding for our health and social programs. That is why, on August 2nd, Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, signed his Health and Social Program Guarantee. 

The Health and Social Program Guarantee is a formal commitment to maintain and increase the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer by 3 percent each year, if Andrew Scheer is elected Prime Minister. 

As the election nears, I anticipate that our political opponents will misrepresent the Conservative position on health care funding. In fact, this has already started. 

To reaffirm his support in writing, Andrew Scheer also sent a letter to all Premiers. 

I’m proud to join Andrew Scheer and the rest of our team in making this commitment.

It’s on my website, it’s on my social media, and I look forward to discussing it with the people of our riding when I am out doorknocking. The purpose isn’t just to dispel fearmongering manufactured by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. 

The purpose is to let the Kenora riding know that Canada’s Conservatives have their backs when it comes to health and social programs. 

Andrew Scheer told his own story about his most recent interaction with our health care system. 

Before his mother passed away, she received care from Canada’s health care system. He said he was proud that she had been treated in Canada and supported by our incredible health care professionals. 

He also said that his mother received care here in Canada that his family wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Andrew Scheer truly understands what makes our public health care system and social programs so great and so valuable to Canadians. 

This guarantee is a formal commitment to uphold them.