Letter to Bob Nault: Uphold the Rule of Law


August 15, 2019


Hon. Robert Nault, P.C, MP.

Suite 202 - 301 First Avenue South
Kenora, Ontario
P9N 1W2


Dear Mr. Nault,

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was, once again, found guilty of breaking Canada’s ethics laws. This time, over his unprecedented political interference in Canada’s justice system.

Your government promised to do politics differently – to be accountable and ethical. Instead, time and time again Mr. Trudeau has used the power of his office to enrich himself, reward his friends, and punish his critics.

We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is not as advertised.

I have the expectation, as voters in the Kenora riding do, that every elected official in our country will defend our institutions and uphold the rule of law. I believe it is the moral duty of our elected members to do so.

You have stated previously that you’re “ready to move on” from this scandal, but the people of our riding are demanding more of you. I believe it’s time for you to clearly state where your priorities lie.

Will you stand up for the integrity and independence of our justice system?

Or will you put your partisan interests before democracy and the rule of law?

I ask you this because the silence of many of your Liberal colleagues is deafening - and to put it simply, those who remain complicit to this abuse of power don’t deserve to sit in Parliament.

I urge you to do the right thing and stand against the Prime Minister as he has clearly demonstrated a disregard for the law.

I look forward to your response.




Eric Melillo