— Statement from Eric Melillo —

Liberal Carbon Tax Figures Don’t Add Up

Eric Melillo, Conservative Party candidate for Kenora, released the following statement today:

The Liberals have said their government’s carbon tax and rebate scheme would leave you better off. But the facts tell a different story.

The rebate already fails to cover the added cost of the tax. But now, as reported by the Canadian Press, the average carbon tax rebate Canadians received for 2018 was significantly lower than the amount Liberals claimed it would be.

When the government announced the carbon tax rebate program, they estimated the average rebate in Ontario to be $336. However, the actual data shows an average of $203.

The Trudeau Liberals continue to cover up the real cost of their carbon tax. They still aren’t telling Canadians how much more it will cost for essentials like groceries, gasoline, and home heating.

To make matters worse, under the current plan, Canada is on track to miss the Paris targets. Clearly, this tax is just another government cash grab and not a legitimate environmental policy.

A Conservative government will scrap the Trudeau carbon tax and implement a real climate change policy to reduce global emissions.